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Samantha is an inspirational Intuitive Guide, Healer and Holistic Life Coach. She provides a healing space for connection, self-awareness, healing and growth.

She uses her unique and powerful skill-set and intuitive ability, as she lovingly guides her clients to:

  • REPROGRAM negative thinking patterns and behaviours, helping them to heal wounds from the past;

  • RECONNECT to themselves in the present;

  • REAWAKEN their authentic self and start consciously creating their life’s aspirations.

She does this with the aid of an integration of mind, body and spiritual therapies such as:

Hypno-Therapy; CBT, Intuitive Guidance, Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

I have met many so-called spiritual gurus, but Sam is very different. She is a real human and skilled specialist, who loves people. She helped me discover many new dimensions of my being. I believe that Sam is born to help others, as she did with me!

- Savina, London

When to book a consultation with Samantha?

  • You keep finding yourself in the same situation time after time;

  • You feel “stuck” and unsure of which path to take;

  • You want to access your inner guidance system for answers;

  • Looking for emotional balance and inner peace;

  • Want to make life choices from a place of love and not fear;

  • You are looking for greater meaning in your life.·        

 "Within us all is an infinite well of truth and knowledge, longing to be awakened – are you ready to access your inner wisdom? 

– Samantha


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