My Story (so far!)…


I was a very intuitive and creative child; I could hear, sense and ‘just know’ things. I decided to study Art; something which had always brought me a sense of peace, joy and complete presence. But my thoughts turned to “studying art won’t lead to a proper job”, “you will never make it, you are not good enough”.  

Eventually, not being able to stop the cycle of self-limiting beliefs and subsequent anxiety, I gave up my dream and got that ‘proper’ job in an office!

Life seemed to flow along quite happily until the run-up to my 30th birthday when I started to reflect and delve a little deeper into where I was in my life and how I felt about it.

According to society and my family, I was in a positive place; I had a successful career in recruitment, a lovely home, great friends etc, however, I felt so unhappy, lost, uninspired and without purpose. This is when I started to look for answers and when my interest in becoming a complementary therapist began.

I no longer wanted to conform to what society, my culture and even my family had told me was best for me. I wanted to create my own path in life. I wanted to find out who I was and not what I had been taught to be.

My first role as a Therapist was in a 5* wellness hotel resort in Cyprus. Here, I was surrounded by talented healers from around the world and it was here that I first experienced energy healing. It was a profound experience beyond my comprehension, and it was from this point that everything changed in my life.

I had found my calling. I spent the next decade learning and developing my craft. Taking inspiration from eastern and western philosophies and spiritual and scientific teachings. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, it was all in preparation for what lay ahead!

In 2016 I was living back in the UK. My health had significantly deteriorated, and it became necessary to have surgery due to chronic endometriosis, which caused daily debilitating pain. The surgery would stop my pain but would also mean I would never be able to carry a child of my own. This was probably the lowest point in my life, I felt alone, lost and a sense of profound sadness.  

The pain seemed to consume me. I didn’t know what else to do but surrender to it and when I did, I felt the beautiful presence of what I believe to be that of an angelic being. I felt an amazing warmth that surrounded my being. It was like being gently wrapped in a blanket of love. This happened numerous times during this period. It made be aware that we are never alone and are always taken care of. This knowledge gave me the strength to start all over again with a different perspective on life and what I wanted to do with the rest of my time here.

So here I am today, still passionate and loving the work I do. Continually learning and growing and always honouring who I truly am and what I am meant to do in this life. 

- Samantha


Highly empathetic and intuitive, Samantha always puts me back into my highest vibrational self. Her detailed approach will leave you breathless.
- Sharon, Life Coach, Bermuda

The birth of Iamcre8ing….


Iamcre8ing was created in November 2017 and was an idea born from the desire to support, guide and empower others to push past their fears and self-limiting beliefs to become the creator of their lives and not the reactor to it.

I am:

Has many interpretations both spiritually and philosophically and is a statement of absolute self-awareness.


This signifies power. You hold the power to create the experience you wish to have. It starts with a thought, which when practised regularly becomes a belief, which in turn becomes your reality. 

That been said, by being more mindful of how you think, new beliefs and subsequent behaviours can be formed, and this is the power of conscious creating and it is available to us all.

Number 8:

This powerhouse number represents focus, good judgement and abundance. Self-confidence, and a “I can do” attitude but always in balance and harmony.

As an artist creates a picture, you are creating your life experiences every moment by your thoughts. Your life painting becomes more precise and vibrant dependent on what thoughts you focus your attention on.

- Samantha

A Consultation with Samantha is like sitting with a friend, as her calm, caring manner will instantly put you at ease. 

As an Intuitive she receives guidance through feelings, visions and words.

Her approach is down-to-earth and empowering.

Her philosophy is: life is not to become immune from any pain and suffering, as this is an integral part of life and gives us the ability to learn and grow, but to:


  • Let go of the past;

  • Become more engaged in the present and to start;

  • Consciously creating the future you truly desire.


She will give you down-to-earth, applicable practices for your daily life that will sustain and support the healing work started during the session. You will have:

• Access to 20 years+ experience within the Health & Wellness industry;

• Short daily rituals to help you align with higher energies;

• Easy practices that will facilitate the release of negative patterns.

• Suggestions for supportive therapies suited to your needs.

• Email support whilst working together.

Her intention for her clients to leave the session feeling calmer, happier, with mental clarity and the belief they have choices and the resources to make positive change in their life.

“So, if there is an area in your life where you feel stuck or overwhelmed, I am here to help you see clearer – Samantha”


Intuitive Life Coaching

Mental Clarity & Focus

Intuitive Healing

Balance & Harmony

Intuitive Hypnosis


Positive Mental Reprogramming

The overall experience is exhilarating, comforting and unique - you feel a completely different person from the one that went into the treatment room
- Amanda, Global HR Executive, London