Code of Conduct

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and therefore abide by their Code of Conduct and Professional Practice Requirements.

Everything that takes place in an Intuitive Healing session, Hypnotherapy Session, Intuitive Mentoring Session is confidential and based on the aforesaid Codes of Conduct and Professional Practice Requirements.

For more information on the Federation of Holistic Therapist’s Code of Conduct, please visit their site on:

My Approach

I am an Intuitive Guide - Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor and as such will be using an integration of mind-body and spiritual therapies including:

  • Mind: Hypno-therapy, EMDR Therapy, Intuitive Mentoring and Mindfulness, Law of Attraction awareness;

  • Body: Reiki (Energy Healing) and Meridian Therapies;

  • Spirit: Intuitive readings and guidance.