– For Balance & Harmony 

(60 - 90 minute Sessions)

Samantha is a gifted empath who is clairsentient and claircognizant. She receives messages from spirit in a variety of ways. She does not read your future but offers insight, guidance and support.

“ When you are experiencing self-doubt and confusion on your life direction, I am here to help you see clearer”.

- Samantha

This transformational session is created for those who are: 

  • Experiencing self-limiting thoughts and feelings;

  • Feeling confused and over-whelmed with life;

  • Lacking energy and motivation;

  • Experiencing anxiety, depression or low mood.

This Session is an integration of energy therapies and intuitive insight to enable clearing/re-balancing of your energy field (aura) and chakras (energy centres) and to focus healing on any specific problem area.

Which transformational tools are used in a session?

Energy Healing - Meridian Therapies - Guided Hypnosis/Visualisation - Intuitive Energy Reading

Benefits of an Intuitive Healing Session:

  • Release physical and emotional pain.

  • Enhance your body's immune system.

  • Reduces tension, anxiety and stress.

  • Releases deep muscle tension.

  • Increases mental clarity and insight.

  • Open your heart to allow love in.

  • Increase energy awareness and your intuitive abilities.

  • Encourages a deep sense of peace and calmness.

  • Clears the mind, improves focus and aids feeling grounded and centred.

  • Aids better sleep.

How will I feel after the session?

After a session you may feel exhilarated, 'lighter', empowered, at peace and sometimes also a bit 'spaced out'. 

Be gentle with yourself, drink plenty of water and allow yourself some time for further integration. In some instances, a 'healing crisis' (flu-like symptoms: chills, headaches, aches and pains, fatigue) may occur, which may involve a strong surge of emotions,  or even physical symptoms after a treatment has finished. 

This is a natural reaction and shows that the healing is shifting blockages from deeper layers. It is important to understand that this can be part of the process and accept it as such, treating yourself with kindness and compassion. Such symptoms will usually pass within 24 or 48 hours.