- For clarity & Focus

(60 - 90 minute sessions)

Samantha’s intention as an Intuitive Life Coach is to be a trusted guide focused on developing your potential and supporting your growth by actively listening and offering guidance and resources. Her aim is to empower you to reconnect with your inner self allowing you to experience freedom, wholeness and peace, at any stage in your life.

This transformational session is created for those who are:

  • Lacking mental clarity and experiencing confusion and poor memory;

  • Feel “stuck” and are searching for answers;

  • Repeating negative behavioural patterns;

  • Experiencing anxiety, depression or low mood;

  • Have low self-worth & self-belief;

  • Want to access their inner guidance system;

  • Looking for greater meaning in their life.

Which transformational tools are used in a session?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - NLP -Mindfulness - Intuitive Guidance - Law of Attraction Coaching

Every experience you have had, good or bad is stored in your subconscious mind. All beliefs lay dormant, until replaced with new ones! Your thoughts can be your best friend or worst enemy, it all depends on which story you keep telling yourself.

How does it work?

This session is an integration of talking therapies and aims to offer new, healthier perspectives, allowing you a safe space to discover your authentic voice and reconnect with your true self.

Benefits of an Intuitive Life Coaching session:


• Offers new perspectives.

• Improved self-confidence and self-esteem.

• Helps you achieve your goals by adjusting your mindset to a more positive approach.

• Improves your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

• The ability to release fear and judgement of yourself and others.

• Start consciously creating your life, rather than reacting to it.

• Reconnect to your true self and become inwardly content.

• Learn how to tap into your intuition and receive guidance.

• Enhances self-expression and self-awareness.

• Offers you unlimited potential for personal growth and transformation.

Not everyone likes to be a therapy room, so (if weather permitting) the appointment can take the form of a 'walk and talk' in a local park or cafe.

Sam radiates a magnetic warmth and positive energy which allows you to feel at ease in her presence and relax instantly. She is a talented healer who genuinely wants to help people. It is this genuine desire that makes her great at what she does. Thank you, Sam.
- Shade